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Often, an illness can only be fully understood and explained by someone undergoing that illness. Doctors are here to listen to your concerns, but Veritas Patient Network is here to understand your condition.

Veritas Cancer Care established its own patient network to facilitate cancer patients having a support system consisting of other people who have survived the same illness. For so long, patients have been overlooked as a reliable resource to share their experiences to help others suffering from the same disease.

With first-hand experience and personal knowledge of cancer, cancer survivors are the best choice to help cancer patients gain autonomy over their lives while lending a sympathetic ear to their troubles. Cancer patients can benefit from this network by having other people who understand their plight and not just look at cancer through clinical eyes but also empathise with them and acknowledge it as something that disrupts their daily lives. Cancer survivors can help cancer patients cope and live with this disease while simultaneously creating an open environment where they can be free of judgement and pity.

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Our patient network is here to help you as you live through this distressing time in your life. Join our network and benefit by having a safety net that can soothe your concerns and, more importantly, understand what you’re going through and help you manage it.

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