Robotic Surgery

The term robotic surgery often misleads people. Often, people assume that robots perform the surgery when, in fact, your surgeon performs the surgery with the Da Vinci instruments, which they guide from the console. Da Vinci surgical system is the most advanced and only FDA-approved platform available. The robotic surgery system translates the surgeon's hand movements with greater precision and without tremors. The tiny instruments move like a human hand with a greater range of motion. The vision is also highly magnified and 3-D, leading to greater precision surgery. The smaller instruments make it possible to operate through a smaller incision and reach the deeper areas where the human hand cannot.

  • Surgeon's console - where the surgeon sits and has master control of how the instruments need to move.
  • Patient cart - kept next to the patient's bed. The cart holds the camera and instruments required for surgery.
  • Vision cart - this is in charge of enabling communication to take place seamlessly between the various components.

Digestive and gastrointestinal tract cancer

Colorectal cancer

Gynecologic cancer

Head and neck cancer

Lung cancer

Urologic cancer

Robotic surgery has numerous advantages, including giving the surgeon more flexibility, control and precision when performing the procedure. Other benefits include:

  • Minimally invasive surgery.
  • Fewer complications.
  • Less pain and blood loss.
  • Quicker recovery and smaller scars.
  • Shorter hospital stay.

Most patients are discharged in 1-2 days.

At Veritas Cancer Care, we have a team of experts trained in robotic surgery who ensure the best care available for the patient. With the help of robotic surgery, we can guarantee renewed hope for cancer patients to lead happier and healthier lives

You can get more information on robotic surgery on the Intuitive website – . Our team at Veritas is highly trained and experienced in robotic surgery, which makes it one of our core areas, as not many surgical oncologists are trained in robotic surgery

Our team is headed by Dr Venkat P, a veteran surgical oncologist with decades of experience and management of over 20,000 cases in the oncological field. Robotic surgery is his niche speciality and he has intricate expertise in performing various complex cases robotically.

Unlike other robotic surgeons, he performs most surgeries completely robotically with no scar of more than 1 cm. He specialises in the unique technique of intracorporeal anastomosis and natural orifice specimen extraction so the surgery is scarless and the patient recovery prompt. He is one of the very few surgeons in the country to perform Robotic transanal excision of rectal tumor with no scar and same-day discharge. He has performed multiple complex gynaecological cases robotically as well.

Veritas Cancer Care is also one of the few cancer teams in Chennai to use robotic surgery for cancer treatment in Chennai. Headed by Dr Venkat P, our team of surgical oncologists guarantee you will receive prompt care and treatment.

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